Reasons to Clean and Maintain Your Aircon Regularly

When in the tropics, there seem to be no end of the summer days. Day and night, you may have to turn on your air conditioner or else you will not be comfortable while you are indoors. Because of the necessity of this cooling device in your daily life, it is but important to maintain it regularly to prevent breakdown. You can just imagine if your only cooling device at home does not work at night when you know of no one to repair it.

When looking for a service provider to hire for your aircon maintenance, you should consider the way cleaning of your cooling device is done. Hiring an aircon maintenance company that uses aircon chemical wash can be the best choice. This is because it can ensure that dust and bacteria can be removed completely.

Indeed, your air conditioner should be clean all the time for the following reasons.

Improved Air Quality

It is ideal that a professional inspect and clean your aircon every 3-4 months. If not, you can expect the filters to be full of dirt and dust. When this happens, bacteria can thrive which is harmful to your health. If you let your aircon be cleaned after four months, chemical washing should be the way to go to ensure that all bacteria are expelled.

Efficient Flow of Cool Air

Once the filters are full of dust and dirt, your aircon’s efficiency is decreased. The flow of cool air is obstructed. You can easily feel it if there is dust buildup because the air is warmer and can even be itchy.

Decreased Power Bills

Because a clean aircon can guarantee the efficient flow of cool and clean air, it can cool the temperature of a room more quickly. You may not also need to turn it on to the fullest. This will definitely help you lower your bills. Bear in mind that the aircon is one of the most powerful consumers of electricity in your home.

Reduced Wear and Tear

When your cooling system is not cleaned of dirt and dust, the compressor may have to work doubly hard. This will increase its chances of getting damaged due to wear and tear. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent early breakdown of your aircon. What an inconvenience it would be if your unit is beyond repair. The best brands are expensive nowadays and so with spare parts.

 Another relevant reason regularly clean and maintain your aircon is that you are helping the environment. With decreased use of electricity, production of heat in your home can help reduce the greenhouse effect.…