Guide to buying a cordless drill

A drill may be a necessity in the home especially for those who do repairs themselves. For one who is buying a drill for doing basic tasks, they will need a cordless drill. This is because they are light, can be handled easily and are easy to use anywhere since they do not need to be connected to a power source. However, if one needs a drill for tough tasks they should consider buying one with higher torque and power or even a corded drill. What’s the best cordless drill? Below is a guide to buying just that.

Purchasing a cordless drill


cordless drill

This is what one should seriously consider. This is mainly because the voltage of the drill will determine how fast a task will be completed. The more voltage the drill has, the faster it will be for tasks to be completed. In addition to that, a high voltage drill will not need frequent recharging in between the jobs being done using the drill. Neither will the drill overheat if it has a high voltage.

Recharge time

Most drills need about an hour or less to recharge. However, there are some which may need five hours. The good thing is that these drills come with an extra pair of batteries which one can just change then continue with the task as they recharge the other set. The best drills can do a hundred holes before recharge while the worst managing only thirty holes. One should also know that some batteries get spoilt if they are not used properly. Go for a drill which uses lithium-ion batteries since they have the best capacity and are efficient.

The drill weight and size

There are different sizes and weights of drills. Some weigh up to five kilograms or more. However, this may prove too heavy for some people. Smaller drills are more comfortable and are also light making them comfortable to work with especially if the workspace is limited.

The chuck

This is the part which holds the drill bit or the shaft which makes a hole on the surface. Different from the old makes, the newer models of cordless drills have a keyless chuck. The common drills can take bits which have diameters of up to thirteen millimeters.

The gears

A good drill has several gears. One of the gears produce low speed but have high twisting force required for screw driving. The other gears are mainly for offering rotary drilling. A drill having only one gear may not be efficient in handling drilling and screw driving.


cordless drillThere are several torque settings on cordless drills. One can choose the level of twisting they will need for each gear. This is necessary for the prevention of over tightening of the screw or even damaging the screw. The torque settings range from six to about thirty-one. The setting also depends on the hardness of the surface being drilled or screws being driven.

The handle of the drill also matters since one needs to balance the drill in their hands for them to work effectively and comfortably.…